Car Traits


Each car is allocated a number of “points” for the design of their car. At the start of the season, each car is permitted to use 20 points on the following categories:

  • Tires: You lose one tire point for each space you overshoot past a corner. If your tire points hit zero, your car spins out and must be restarted in first gear. If you lose enough tire points that you go past zero, your car retires (if you are already at zero and you overshoot a corner by just one space, you simply spin out again). Tires are replaced in the pit at the cost of total WP x $50.
  • Brakes: You may spend a brake point to subtract a space from your movement. You can run out of brake points safely.
  • Gearbox: You may shift down multiple gears at the risk of losing gearbox points. To shift down a single gear without skipping is free. To shift down two gears results in 1 Gearbox WP damage per gear skipped in this way. Gearbox points can safely go to zero, but any additional gearbox damage after this point causes a retirement.
    Body: When you end your movement next to another car, both cars must see if they take body damage. If contact is made, that car loses a body point. If you lose all body points, your car retires.
  • Engine: If you roll a 20 in fifth gear or a 30 in sixth gear, all drivers must roll to see if your engine takes damage.
  • Suspension: If you run over debris, your car potentially takes damage. If it does, you lose a suspension point. If you lose all suspension points, your car retires.

At the start of the season, each car has a KERS unit.
Use of KERS permits two additional spaces of movement. The KERS battery is fully charged at the start of a race. This charge may be saved for as long as wanted or needed. After it is discharged, the driver must use a Brake WP to recharge it for the next lap.

During mid-season upgrade sessions, each team is permitted to repair / add wear points to each of the car traits.

Repairing Trait Damage

  • Each car will start the next race with the same traits as it finished the last race with. ie. If at the end of the race your brakes are at 2 WP then you start the next race with only 2 Brake WP’s.
  • Tire WP can be repaired at the cost of $50 per WP value repaired.
  • Between each race a cars Tire WP maybe upgraded at the cost of each new WP x $50.
  • Each Car maybe repaired to its starting trait rating at the cost of the difference between its current WP value and its starting WP value x $100.
  • Between each race a car may have each trait upgraded at the cost of each new WP value x$100.

Car Traits

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